Moira Maclean's peaceful world is shattered the night a powerful Highlander pounds on the convent door claiming he has been sent by Moira's father to marry her. The ceremony is swift as is the consummation and it is only afterwards, when her father barges into the convent, that Moira learns she has mistakenly married her clan's enemy, Ian Cameron of Glencoe.

Just as quickly as he came, Ian returns to his clan with the news that his marriage has secured a promise of peace. Moira returns to her quiet life, unsure of her feelings for Ian. However, she carries Ian's child, and when he returns for her, he brings news of rumors circulating about her safety and the possibility that she may be an assassin's target.

Ian had thought he could marry Moira and save his clan without becoming attached but after only one night, it seems she not only conceived his child, but stole his heart. He's determined to discover who is trying to harm Moira and destroy the fragile peace that exists between their families.

If you can suspend disbelief and accept that Ian could have fallen in love in one night, then you'll enjoy Donna Fletcher's sensual and highly romantic mystery. The swift pace keeps the pages flying and the unmasking of the villain will catch you unawares. The author shows a flare for romances that combine a male point of view, sizzling sensuality and a hint of history. SENSUAL (Mar., 344 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin