Katherine Summerville and Trey Westmoreland have their work cut out for them. After meeting on a blind date, the pair discovers that they, or rather their alter egos Kat Summers, a romance writer, and T. West, a newspaper columnist who had trashed Kat in one of his columns three years agoare wildly attracted to each other, even if they are supposed to be enemies.

After making the front page of the local tabloid, Texas Trash, Trey and Katherine are convinced to go on a series of dates together and to write newspaper features on the romantic side versus the real world of dating. Trey does everything in his power to sabotage the dates even though he finds himself falling in love with Katherine in the process.

Although a romance writer, Katherine is skeptical about the existence of happily ever after in the real world. She wants to believe in true love, but her past has taught her that people who love you, leave you. She doesnt want to go through that experience again.

Trey has had his share of pain too. He believes romance is for the birds, but Katherines red-sequined shoes help change his mind. As Trey desperately tries to wreak havoc with the dates he plans, he discovers that in love there is no place like home.

This book will make you laugh out loud. Youll enjoy every page. (On the shelf, 347 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Chandra Y. Sparks