Jenna Cross joins a prestigious D.C. law firm after law school. Although she looks the part of a confident new associate, shes aware that, in the world of haves and have nots, shes a have not, while her senior co-worker is a serious have. Despite her growing feelings for him, she knows she would always struggle to find a way to fit into his glamorous, affluent world.

Mike Matthews is blindsided by his attraction to Jenna. He pursues her with the same ruthless savvy he uses in the courtroom, but his joy at winning Jennas affections is short-lived. Racing against time, Mike fights to save himself and Jenna from a deadly plot of murder, revenge and kidnapping.

Ms. Wright has written a sensual exposi of the glittering Washington, D.C., social scene, set against the powerful backdrop of a cutting edge law firm that makes L.A. Law seem like Sesame Street. (Aug., 283 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson