The last thing Daniel Jarrett wants to do is go a on cruiseespecially with his mom and step-father. But Dan has some serious concerns regarding his moms new husband and hes determined to protect her the only way he knows how.

Sunny Elders is on this cruise to care for her niece and nephew while her sister Melinda and her husband relax and get to know each other again. Its been a difficult time for Sunny and Melinda, with the loss of their parents several months prior.

From their not-so-auspicious beginning to love at last, Sunny and Dan enjoy an up-and-down adventurewell, sort of. Both have a lot to learn about love, trust and Gods faithfulness. Though this is another delightful comedic tale from Linda Windsor, I had trouble with the repetitive declarations of how wonderful the hero was. Thankfully, both he and the author redeem themselves further into the book. (Jun., 308 pp., $11.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston