The Langtry family suffered a devastating blow more than 20 years ago when Jacob and Faiths infant daughter Sable disappeared from her bedroom. The remaining daughter, Michaela, has grown to be a strong and independent woman. When her TV meteorologist career in NYC hits a land mine, Michaela decides to return home to Shiloh, Wyoming.

Harrison Kane II has been waiting for Michaelas return. As teenagers, Michaela had thrown Harrison an emotional lifeline and now its his turn to return the favor. Hes starting up a TV Station and Michaela has all the qualifications necessary to help make it a success.

Harrison has loved the Langtry family far more than his own. When his mother disappeared and his father died, he was left to deal with a financial disaster. When he learns some troubling secrets about his family and the Langtrys, he wonders if he should act on his deep feelings towards Michaela.

Perennial favorite Cait London introduces readers to a new family dynasty with the potential to become an intriguing new series. There are several loose threads here just crying out to be explored in future books. (Nov., 384 pp, $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith