Alanna Chappman promised her dying aunt to set her soul free by performing an ancient Celtic ritual in Ireland. When the last word is flung to the winds she is transported to 1803 Ireland.

Wearing her only contact to the past, a dragon brooch family heirloom, Alanna meets those who have awaited her aunt's return. Now she must fulfill prophecy to help the clan O'Connell meet destiny. Her first encounter is with Kiervan des Marceaux, a dashing, handsome, charismatic mercenary privateer. Kiervan plans to marry for the wealth, security and respect he has never had, but helping Alanna to complete her task tempts him to forget his plans to marry another.

As they travel through Ireland, to the O'Connell stronghold, she looks upon Kiervan as devil, then savior and finally as lover. But plans are afoot to destroy the O'Connells, Alanna and Kiervan. Only when Alanna learns to use her magical powers can she take her place as seer and live a life with a man worthy of her love.

Leslie LaFoy's debut is a powerful, cleverly crafted time travel that marks her for stardom. Combining the magical quality of Teresa Medeiros paranormals and Diana Gabaldon's realistic approach to Scottish history, this is a spellbinding read heralding a sparkling talent. (Nov., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin