Image of It Happened One Night


Image of It Happened One Night

Four uniquely talented authors take on the delightful task of writing a story using the same plot twist: a couple separated by 10 years meets for one night at an inn. Each novella is different and perfect in its own way; each story is destined to charm readers.

In Laurens' "The Fall of Rogue Gerrard," rakish lord Robert offers to help Lydia Makepeace uncover hidden papers. Lydia finally has Robert where she wants him, and passion and mayhem ensue.

When her coach is in a collision, Nora Ryder is rescued by Richard Kemp, Lord Bourne, her onetime husband. Ten years ago they eloped and were forced apart by her family, but at the inn they discover their love never died and that they're still "Spellbound," in Balogh's beautiful story.

D'Alessandro's touching "Only You" has two cherished childhood friends rekindling their love when recently widowed Cassandra Heywood casts propriety aside to claim the heart and soul of inn owner Ethan Baxter.

During his days fighting Napoleon, Captain Sam Pellow kept his love for Wilhemina, the Duchess of Hertford, deep inside. When he has the opportunity to share time with her, he's determined that "From This Moment On" she will be in his heart -- and in his bed -- in Hern's wondrous tale. (Avon, Oct., 370 pp., $7.99)
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Kathe Robin