Half-Mexican, struggling in an Anglo-oriented business climate, Zachary Rayez must convince one more landowner to sell before he leaves the job he's come to hate. He plans to marry LouAnn Harrison, the woman of his dreams, and take over managing her father's company.

Zach doesn't count on his overpowering attraction to Annie Aguillar, descendent of a Spanish grandmother and a Comanche grandfather. Annie holds on tenaciously to the last hundred acres left from the vast holdings of her grandmother's family.

Held at the Aguillar ranch first by a stalled car, then by the untimely heart attack of Annie's father, which his presence may have caused, Zach is soon drawn to stay in spite of the danger to his plans. Can the love between Zach and Annie grow in spite of the very real threat to the ranch and the Aguillar family?

In ITTAKESTWO, Ms. Leonard has penned an involving, intense love story woven into a skillfully written microcosm of an historic ethnic clash and the modern conflict between headlong development and preservation of the land. (Nov., 387 pp., $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger