ITALIAN DOCTOR, NO STRINGS ATTACHED by Kate Hardy (4): The reader first meets gorgeous Italian Doctor Marco Ranieri when he encourages ER Dr. Sydney Collins to rappel down a tall building for charity by singing to her! The two doctors are thrown together again when Marco takes over as registrar for the hospital. And even though Sydney shies away from dating in general, Marco eventually persuades her to go out with him. Expecting a casual relationship, Marco is happily surprised when Sydney’s warmth and tenderness helps him recover from his haunted past. But while Marco starts to feel whole again, Sydney stays reserved. Determined to uncover the reason, Marco eventually breaks through Sydney’s defenses and learns that her ex has demolished her self-esteem because she has scars due to a rare medical condition. When Marco is able to convince Sydney that her beauty is not diminished by her scars, their romance turns sensual. However, they both get a jolt when Sydney discovers she’s pregnant, which may aggravate her condition. Overall, this is a wonderfully poignant tale of second chances. Readers follow the two characters in their quest for family and everlasting love. This excellent romance will touch your heart and have you shedding tears. (HARLEQUIN, Sept. 2011, 192 pp., $4.99)

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Nas Dean