Image of Italian Marriage: In Name Only


Image of Italian Marriage: In Name Only

ITALIAN MARRIAGE: IN NAME ONLY (4.5) by Kathryn Ross: Antonio Cavelli's takeover of Victoria Heart's virtually bankrupt restaurant may be strategically important to his newest hotel, but its significance pales in comparison to the fury provoked by his philandering father's ultimatum: He must marry and produce a Cavelli heir within two years or he won't inherit the family business. His solution? Buy one temporary wife and child. But Antonio doesn't expect his plain-Jane bride, Victoria, to unleash his passion and protective instincts, and he struggles to keep their relationship on a business footing. Ross skillfully engages readers in the conflict in the opening pages, and the heroine, a perfect blend of independence and vulnerability, is well matched to the charismatic hero.

Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Madan