Image of The Italian Prince's Pregnant Bride


Image of The Italian Prince's Pregnant Bride
After much hard work, Italian prince Nicolo Barbieri is about to acquire a coveted New York bank as the crown jewel of his financial empire. The current owner has one small stipulation: Nic must marry his granddaughter. Turns out Aimee Black is the mystery lover with whom he recently spent a passionate night. To prove to Aimee he wants to make a go of their marriage, he promises not to purchase the bank. But when she finds some damning evidence, Aimee thinks Nic has deceived her. Is the marriage over before it's even started? In Sandra Marton's The Italian Prince's Pregnant Bride (4), Nic has met his match in Aimee. He can be a bit arrogant, but she's not afraid to stand up to him. This makes for some wonderful fireworks.
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Sandra Garcia-Myers