Image of The Italian Single Dad


Image of The Italian Single Dad
Six years ago, ex-model Arabella Gable had a brief relationship with jewelry designer Luchino Montichelli. Now Bella's turned to fashion design and sells her clothes at an exclusive boutique. Luc's sudden appearance -- and his assertion that Bella's cheating the store owner, who's his long-estranged aunt -- horrifies her. But to make amends, Bella agrees to attend a series of elite social functions wearing her gowns and Luc's jewels. Being with Luc puts Bella's heart in harm's way -- but that's nothing compared to what she's doing to him. Jennie Adams's The Italian Single Dad (3) is strong stuff, dominated by larger-than-life characters and big emotions. But the plot's a little thin.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer