Image of Italian Stallions (Aphrodisia)


Image of Italian Stallions (Aphrodisia)

This anthology is about two cousins
who find love and lust with their Italian stallions. In Tabke's tale, which opens the book, the characters' behavior and language is too crass and over the top to be wholly satisfying. But Alden's story, the stronger one, is enjoyable. The steamy dialogue between Vince and Theresa heats things up, and the characters are easy to like and root for.

In Tabke's "In His Bed," shy, innocent Gia decides to leave her good-girl image behind and take a walk on the wild side. She undergoes a makeover and sets her sights on Gabe. What she doesn't know is that Gabe is an undercover FBI agent investigating the death of her father. He quickly decides he needs Gia's help -- on his case and in his bed.

Down on her luck, Theresa returns home to her estranged family after leaving her ex-boyfriend. Sparks fly when she meets workaholic Vince and ignite further when Theresa becomes his live-in dog sitter. Neither is the market for a relationship, but they may not have a choice as lust turns to love in Alden's "Will That Be All"? (APHRODISIA, Jul., 281 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Devon Paige