Helen Brooks' latest book is romantic, fun, emotional and sexy. The characters are charming, yet they have depth and issues to overcome. Told that the child's father is dead, Verity Fox assumes custody of her foster sister's son, Lio. However, Lio's father is not only alive, but he comes for the child, who was kidnapped from him 14 months earlier. Seeing Lio so attached to Verity, Vittore realizes she must come with them to Italy. He asks Verity to spend six months with them while he tries to bond with his son. If he doesn't, she and Lio may return home. But if he succeeds, then he wants Verity to play a much larger role—in both their lives. THE ITALIAN'S DEMAND (3) by Sara Wood is an average read. The characters and story are simple, yet interesting enough to follow.

Reviewed by: 
Shannon Short