Image of The Italian's Passionate Revenge


Image of The Italian's Passionate Revenge
With her husband's death, Elise Carlton is finally free. She'd been forced into the marriage to save her father from going to jail. At the funeral one man stands apart--Vincente Farnese, who was to have been her husband's new boss. Elise never understood why her buffoon of a husband was recruited for the job, and it turns out he wasn't the one Vincente was interested in--it was a way to get to Elise. But as Vincente ensnares her, she realizes he has revenge on his mind. Why? Lucy Gordon keeps The Italian's Passionate Revenge (3) interesting thanks to secrets that keep the story spinning in new directions. But Vincente's actions are a bit off-putting, although they're tempered by Elise's tenacity.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers