Image of The Italian's Pregnant Mistress


Image of The Italian's Pregnant Mistress
A year into their affair, international businessman Angelo Falcone realizes he wants more from model Francesca Haley and asks her to marry him. He's stunned when she turns him down with little explanation. Three years later, he's on the verge of marrying and is surprised that Francesca is now a caterer and one of the candidates to do his wedding reception. Angelo realizes he still wants her and breaks his engagement. She feels the same, but this time he says their affair will be strictly sex with no emotional involvement. Then Francesca learns she's pregnant. The Italian's Pregnant Mistress (4) pulls you in at the beginning with this couple who are hot, hot, hot! Cathy Williams does a great job of keeping the reason for the non-marriage secret until the end.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers