Image of The Italian's Rags-To-Riches Wife


Image of The Italian's Rags-To-Riches Wife
After his father's death, Allesandro di Vincenzo expects to be named CEO of the Italian Viale-Vincenzo Company, since his dad's partner, Tomaso, is ailing. But Tomaso wants him to find his long-lost granddaughter, Laura Stowe, first. Allesandro is in for a huge surprise: Laura is ugly and has a personality to match! Plus, she has no interest in meeting her grandfather. But Allesandro prevails. He takes her to a beauty spa where, in a few hours, Laura becomes unrecognizable -- the ugly duckling turned into a swan. The first part of the story is heavy-handed in emphasizing Laura's ugliness, but once the love story takes over, it's a fairy-tale romance. Still, Julia James' The Italian's Rags-to-Riches Wife (3) feels disjointed.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers