Image of It's Always Been You (York)


Image of It's Always Been You (York)

Dahl beautifully handles the young love lost/ mature love found as the powerful and touching theme in her latest romance. The storyline will captivate readers, but the sincere emotions of her characters, the tender love scenes and intelligent plot truly lifts the love story and makes Dahl a fan favorite.

Ten years ago young lovers Kate Hamilton and Aidan York believed no one could separate them, but they were wrong. A foolish argument sent Kate halfway across the globe and left Aidan mourning her death at sea. To cover the pain of losing her, Aidan becomes a wealthy and scandalous rogue. Then he sees her. Far from dead, Kate is now a shrewd businesswoman and owner of a coffee shop. Aidan accosts Kate, who turns him away, but she cannot hide from the memories and the undeniable yearning she has for his love. Aidan will not give up on Kate a second time. She might claim to be married, she might shun him, but he relentlessly pursues her until their passion is rekindled and they can rebuild their trust. But Kate is harboring a dark and dangerous secret. If the truth catches up to her their lives will be ruined and their love lost again. (ZEBRA, Aug., 380 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin