If Ebony MacKenzie is ever going to be a respected journalist and write for The Cincinnati Examiner instead of the Butler County Bee, she's going to have to take it all off. Undercover at Shangri-La, that is—a nudist colony patronized regularly by reclusive "Ice Cream King" Reuben Renfro.

Reporter Isaiah Malone is after the same interview with Mr. Ice Cream himself, and he is prepared to "drop trou" if that's what the situation calls for (which it probably will considering the circumstances). With Ebony on the scene, Isaiah refuses to compromise his somewhat surprising attraction to the rival reporter (generally he prefers his women with more meat on their bones). Pretty soon fate works its magic and Ebony and Isaiah have no other choice but to heed its call.

Reporter turned romance novelist Reon Laudat pens a funny, well-written romp that is sure to delight. IT'S A LOVE THANG is a blast, from the disapproving glances the manager of the "Naturist Retreat" shoots Ebony for having "lascivious" reasons for being there to Ebony's reluctance to show off her birthday suit. (Sep., 323 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Ann Sullivan