When her three best friends implode simultaneously, 49-year-old Angie Hawkins wants to help Marie mend her marriage, Jess stop dating men half her age and Gwen regain her self-assurance. Never mind that she can't sleep, go to work every day and plan her daughter's wedding and has no time for her boyfriend or to break in her new tennies in this hysterical follow up to Estay's It's Never Too Late to Get a Life.

It's not until Angie's cellblock mates -- don't ask -- inform her that her friends have classic signs of menopause that the pieces of the puzzle begin to make sense. Add in Angie's ex-husband and his rich, controlling girlfriend, her son and his IQ-impaired bimbo, plus an array of secondary characters that enrich the pages, and the result is a madcap romp that grabs the funny bone and holds on with a vengeance.

This is a book to cherish. These women give the reader a chick lit look at middle age that is realistic, witty and satisfying. (Feb., 272 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown