Image of It's Not About Him (A Second Glances Novel, #2)


Image of It's Not About Him (A Second Glances Novel, #2)

Sutton's second book for older teens is piercingly accurate and thought provoking. It does an excellent job of conveying real life as a young adult and as a Christian -- not something whitewashed and fake. Teens and adults alike will relate to the characters and their situations and will find many avenues for discussion and contemplation.

After a wild party, Susie discovers that she's pregnant, yet she does not know the identity of the father. She decides to place the baby in an adoptive home, against the wishes of her good friend Jeff, who wants to marry her so they can raise the baby together. Susie knows she is making the right choice, as difficult as it is for her. Jeff is dealing with his own issues surrounding adoption. Can the two understand the other's point of view? (SHEAF HOUSE, Sep., 321 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel