Known as the "Ivory Duchess," Kate Danaher dazzles audiences with her concerts. Her face hidden behind a veil, she is at once mysterious and seductive as she plays her heart stirring music on the piano.

Kate is far from mysterious; in fact, she is a captive held by her guardian, and she uses her music to hide her anguish. Her guardian controls Kate's life and all her money. He is quite unwilling to allow her any freedom, so when the opportunity arises, Kate escapes, making her way to a small New Jersey community where she answers an ad for a traveling piano teacher.

Befriended by spinster sisters, Kate begins a wonderful new life full of hope, unaware that her guardian has hired the infamous Olympia to track her down.

Philip Massey needs the money from this job to pay off a debt; however, instead of the pampered star he expects, the famous Ivory Duchess is a sweet, unassuming young woman.

Kate's gentleness wins over Philip's hardened heart and it is now his task to discover both why her guardian wants her back so badly and how to set her free.

Delia Parr knows how to take an unusual concept, setting and idea and work them into some of the most wonderful and creative romances on the shelves. She's done it again in THE IVORY DUCHESS. Ms. Parr's innovative love story is destined to be beloved and cherished by many who will hear the beautiful strains of the music of love within its pages. SENSUAL (June, 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin