Roberson has done it again! iZombie is witty, sexy, sassy and fun! This is a must-read series.

Gwen Dylan is a gravedigger, the perfect job for a zombie. But she doesn’t exactly look the part, mainly because each month she eats a brain to keep her looks and sharp mind. Lately, though, she’s feeling compelled to act out the last wishes of the dearly eaten and departed. That’s not exactly helpful or useful, especially when one’s best friends are a ghost and a rather overeager male who is actually a wereterrier. Gwen’s about to encounter several surprises and learn that, overall, being a zombie is not for sissies. (DC COMICS/VERTIGO, Jul., 32 pp., $1.00, Comic, UPC: 76194128729400111)
Reviewed by: 
Doug Edwards