It was not until the old gypsys prophecy began to unfurl that Arabella remembers the day she learned of the path her life would take.

Upon her fathers death, Arabella journeys to the distant shores of Australia where her guardian resides. Shipwrecked off the coast, Arabella is rescued by Demon Lucien Sinclair, the notorious ex-convict. Arabella remains blithely unaware of Luciens past as they trek through the wilds, until the fateful night their passions are unleashed.

Stricken with remorse, Arabella flees Lucien, yet she cannot elude the emotions he evokes, nor can she ever be the Victorian Miss she was before he awakened the woman beneath the facade.

As a self-made millionaire and Emancipist, Lucien is accepted in the same social circles as Arabella. When they meet she is both horrified and overjoyed. With all her heart Arabella longs to trust Lucien, despite the rumors that circulate linking him to a string of Jack the Ripper-style murders. And when it appears that Arabella is his next victim, will Lucien prove himself an angel of mercy or a demon from Hell?

Once again Rebecca Brandewyne proves to be a master storyteller as she lures readers into the sultry jungles and savannas of New South Wales and even deeper into the hearts and souls of her characters. Brilliantly composed, hauntingly beautiful and vivid, THE JACARANDA TREE is a dark, intense love story that will strike a chord deep within the readers, evoking emotions, memories and dreams that linger on. A tour de force! VERY SENSUAL (Mar., 384 pp., $5.99)

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