Image of Jace (Shadow Wranglers)


Image of Jace (Shadow Wranglers)

The third entry in the Shadow Wranglers series is filled with action and exciting subplots. There’s an appealing array of characters and heartwarming moments to temper the roughnecking, which helps make up for the inordinate amount of time Miri takes warming up to Jace.

Vampire Jace Johnson goes on a year-long mission, only to find his werewolf mate Miri missing upon his return. He finds her in a Sanctuary enclave where she has been assaulted and experimented upon by the cruelest of vampires, left a shell of her former self. Her only goal in life is to find the daughter he never knew about. Their journey causes them to form strange alliances and win hard-fought battles, the most difficult of which is with Miri’s own D’Nally clan. Vampires and weres don’t mix. Miri’s mettle is put to the test when Jace asks her to nurture an infant who is not her own. Does she have the strength? Will they find their daughter in time? (BERKLEY SENSATION, May, 384 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown