The daughter of a wealthy mill owner, Anne Herriot arrives in London to purchase a husband. There are enough impoverished noblemen who would not shirk at marriage to gain her fortune. But Anne does not want just any man. She is romantic enough to yearn for the ideal husband, and she most certainly does not believe he is Jack Belden.

Known as a womanizer, Jack is in great need of funds to restore his home. He needs Annes money, but he soon realizes that he needs Anne more. Somehow he has to convince her that he is the best man.

Anne immediately excludes Jack from her list of potential spouses. He is too much of a rogue, too much of an attractive scoundrel. But slowly, Ann realizes that Jack is the only candidate who will do.

Marjorie Farrell adds a different dimension to the Regency era by making her heroine a tradesmans daughter and documenting the beginning of the industrial revolution as well as depicting London and the ton in a romance that perfectly combines history, a mystery and an entertaining love story. SENSUAL (Feb., 348 pp., $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin