Image of Jacked Up (Fast Track)


Image of Jacked Up (Fast Track)

McCarthy’s ability to showcase individuals with unique personalities keeps the Fast Track series fresh. Each set of characters tells a different story. They may all take place in the stock car world, but they are not just going around the same old track. Readers will identify with the characters who have emotions that are just like their own.

Eve Monroe is always suffering from one headache or another as the PR pro for her racing family’s business. With two brothers driving, someone always needs something. The newest headache happens when jackman Nolan Ford rips out the back of his suit going over the wall. Not really big news, except Nolan was commando and somebody put it online. Nolan is just so laid back about it; he doesn’t even seem worried about the image for the sponsors. Nolan’s suggestion is to cool down with a cold beer. That really unsettles Eve. People don’t want to date her when she yells at them, and more and more it’s her default mode. Nolan just thinks she’s hot. While she’s trying to figure out how to respond, Nolan throws her a surprise birthday party in Vegas that features plenty of champagne. Then things get really out of hand. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Jun., 320 pp., $7.99)
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Bunny Callahan