Another in the delightful and entertaining fairytale series, JACKIE AND THE GIANT combines Jack and the Bean Stalk with a glorious romance complete with thievery, cloud castles and magic beans.

When Jacqueline Beresford hears about Rory Donovans Fabergi egg, she decides to make this robbery her last and retire from her life as a thief and con artist.

Rory Donovan awakens with the scent of lavender in his room and discovers his gold harmonica missing. He wonders what might have happened, but when he finds his neighbors houseguest sneaking into his room, he knows whats going on.

Instead of exposing Jackie, he hires her as his son Kevins governess. For Jackie, the dream of a home and family is becoming real, like Kevins magic beans; wishes come true if you wish hard and long enough.

Even as their love begins to grow, there are unanswered questions and Jackies ugly past to contend with. This charming tale is filled to the brim with enchantment and the magic of love. Ms. Jones cleverly weaves all the threads of the classic story into an updated romantic version that is sure to delight each of us. SENSUAL (Sep., 360 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin