Brilliant author Dinah McCall (AKA Sharon Sala) is sure to deeply touch fans with her emotionally powerful and haunting story of love triumphing over abuse.

Fifteen years ago, teenager Jackson Rule was convicted of murdering his abusive father. Now a free man, Jackson must start the process of rebuilding his life, not only for himself, but also for his sister Molly. At the time of their father's death, Molly suffered a breakdown and has been institutionalized ever since. Both Jackson and Molly's doctor hope that they can help her recover by reuniting the siblings. However, Jackson now bears an uncanny resemblance to their father; will Molly recognize her brother and not the man who tormented them?

Although she loves and respects her preacher father, Rebecca Hill is determined to live her own life. As the owner of the Hillside Greenhouse and Nursery, she has her hands full. Old family friend Pete Walters assists at the Nursery, but they really need another pair of hands.

Jackson doesn't have much hope when he applies at Hillside Nursery. Days earlier, Jackson had literally saved Rebecca's life when she was nearly hit by a car, and both are surprised to meet again. Rebecca hires Jackson on the spot.

While neither Pete nor Rebecca's father trust Jackson, it is Jackson's own feelings of unworthiness that keep Rebecca at bay. For her part, the more Rebecca sees and learns of Jackson's personality, the more she grows to love him. The past still has a powerful hold on what is left of the Rule family; can they find the strength to overcome it?

This poignant and unforgettable tale is proof once again of Ms. McCall's extraordinary gift. JACKSON RULE is a definite keeper! (July, 289 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith