JADE, third in the Jewels of the West Series, introduces Jade Jewel, Onyx Jewel's illegitimate half-Oriental daughter, into the family.

Born and raised in the Golden Dragon, a San Francisco pleasure palace, Jade decides to build a Golden Dragon in Hanging Tree, which irks the populous. Even the Rev. Wade Weston steps in to try and help. Every time Jade gets into trouble she is rescued by her guardian angel. It is Wade watching over her, but their mutual attraction is hampered by Wade's noble conduct.

Wade is in Hanging Tree for his own reasons-to put the ghosts of his past to rest-and getting tangled with Jade places his mission in jeopardy.

When Jade goes to San Francisco, Wade leaves town too, only to turn up in San Francisco as the notorious outlaw Nevada. He thought his past was behind him until he met Jade and she rekindled his desire. Still, Wade finds himself acting as Jade's savior and when he's wounded and as she nurses him back to health their attraction grows.

On her return to Hanging Tree, Jade's stage is attacked and she's kidnapped and once again Wade rides to the rescue. Now he realizes he must return to Hanging Tree to confront his past and build a future with Jade.

Touching, tender, and heartwarming, JADE is a wonderful story as only Ruth Langan can create-one that reaffirms the lesson that one can't judge a person by outward appearances and that there is good in all of us. SENSUAL (Feb., 297 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager