After two years of hell, Jade Brennan struggles to regain her life. An auto accident put her in a coma for two months. After awakening, Jade had to relearn the simplest tasks while her brother Thomas and his wife cared for her baby, Sabrina. Upon her return to Seattle, Jade is horrified to learn that Thomas plans to keep Sabrina and has gathered child psychologists and attorneys to keep Jade at bay.

Frustrated, Jade moves into a vacant condo in the former Elliot Hotel, which was damaged in a terrible fire 100 years ago. The Brennan family acquired it after the owner, Connor MacKensie, disappeared. One morning, Jade is approached by Herman Fong, an elderly Chinese man who needs the jade necklace she found in the basement. Herman claims his ancestors were interrupted while performing a secret ancient ceremony.

Together, Jade and Herman find an ancient box. After Herman completes the ceremony, an incredible light flows from the box and Connor MacKensie emerges in the flesh. Connor is none too happy to find his beloved hotel fallen into the hands of his enemies, the Brennans. When the child psychologist stumbles across them, Connor claims to be married to Jade, which opens a whole new can of worms. How can they establish Connor's identity? In order to gain their dreams, they must combine forces. But is Connor truly of this world?

In a career filled with outstanding novels, Ms. Simpson hits an all time high with this fabulous tale. Lovers of time travel are in for a very special treat. (July, 368 pp, $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith