Now that her father is in debtor's prison, Jade Wentworth does not have to worry about the next thing he'll sell to finance his latest game. Destitute, but free, life is good until her uncle decides to seize the powerful man responsible for jailing her father.

Wealthy Morgan Frazier thinks the kidnapping is another of his father's pranks, but when he wakes to find himself bound and held in a small space, his claustrophobia nearly kills him. Jade drags him out, freeing him from fear and leading him into a love he's never known. When her simple-minded cousin gets ill, it's Morgan who saves him and then rescues them all from a hired killer before Jade must decide if life without Morgan is a gamble she's willing to take.

JADE is a wonderfully quick read, packed with insight into common phobias. Ms. Rich has given us a yummy tale with extra helpings of sexual tension and characters that make us want to keep reading even after the last page is turned. SENSUAL (Sept., 264 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black