Image of The Jade Temptress - The Lotus Palace #2 (Hqn Books)


Image of The Jade Temptress - The Lotus Palace #2 (Hqn Books)

Once again Lin showcases her talents for crafting a taut and original mystery set in the exotic world of the Pingkang Li. What she does so brilliantly is expose the dark, deceitful world beneath the sophisticated façade of the glamorous era in which the pleasure palace is a central fixture. Lin’s crisp, clear prose and her seemingly aloof and austere characters are perfect detectives for this type of mystery, which is one her fans will relish.

A year ago, Lotus Palace hostess Mingyu was imprisoned and questioned by Constable Wu Kaifeng. Though she was exonerated, the lawman has never been far from Mingyu’s mind. Wu appears to be ruthless, but he is a man who desires respect and uses his position to protect the innocent. He hides a secret passion for Mingyu, knowing the lovely courtesan will never be his. But when Mingyu is the only witness to the gruesome murder of her patron, she sends for Wu. Uncovering the depth of corruption that surrounds them opens doors for trust and passion neither imagined, but what will happen when the truth comes out? (HARLEQUIN.COM, dl $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin