Image of Jaded (Hot Cops, Book 3)


Image of Jaded (Hot Cops, Book 3)

Tabke writes an incredible story that has it all: suspense, intrigue, corruption, passion, shadowed pasts and new starts. Jase and Jade come together in unfortunate circumstances but soon realize they have more in common than they'd care to admit, with darkened childhoods and emotional barriers. The depth of these characters and the searing heat of their intimacy, combined with the suspense
of a murder and Jade's past, result in a delicious, roller-coaster ride from start
to finish.

After a brutal murder outside a gentlemen's club, detective Jase Vaughn turns to club manager Jade Devereaux for answers. He can tell she's hiding something. Beautifully seductive as well as aloof, Jade allows no man to get near her, which is a challenge for the playboy cop who distrusts women. Jade is either a killer or a victim, and Jase is determined to find out which. What neither of them expects to discover in each other is a kindred spirit. Soon, they're going down the unfamiliar path of passion and love. (Pocket, Jun., 293 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Bella March