The moment the lusty god Merco lays eyes on Naomi, his only thought is to get the beautiful, fiery mortal into his bed. Unfortunately, she isn't falling at his feet like his usual conquests. In fact, Naomi flat-out rejects the god and his blatant invitation for sex. Merco sees her rejection as a challenge and vows to seduce her without using his immortal powers.

Seduction of a mortal proves more difficult and more fun than Merco ever imagined. His sensual pursuit takes a sinister turn, however, when he discovers that he's not the only unearthly force pursuing Naomi—a sexually perverted demon is also tormenting her. The demon first appeared in Naomi's nightmares and is now terrorizing her waking hours as well. Merco's desire to pleasure Naomi's body quickly turns into a battle to protect her from the vengeful demon…and win her heart.

O'Clare spices up this second adventure in her Fallen Gods series with wry humor, a sinfully tempting hero and sizzling monogamous and multiple-partner encounters. An intriguing plot and a host of delightfully roguish gods make Jaded Prey a wicked treat! (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell