In order to prove his worth to his domineering father, Daniel Haywood travels to the South American jungles in search of fame and redemption. Rescued by a band of Amazon warrior women, he is brought to their city not only to be healed, but to be part of an ancient fertility ritual.

It has been predicted that Vanessa will face a great challenge, a decision that will change the course of the Amazons. Because she speaks English she is the one chosen to care for Daniel. When she tries to help him escape, she seals her fate.

Daniel convinces Vanessa to return to England with him as the tangible proof he needs to convince his friend Charles Darwin and others of his astounding discovery.

Falling in love with Daniel makes Vanessa eager to learn to be an English lady, but she has no desire to be a specimen. Discovering she is pregnant, Vanessa flees back to the jungle. Now Daniel will have to decide which is more important: his fame or his beloved.

A fast and intriguing romance, JAGUAR EYES combines the exotic lores of Tarzan, the warrior cries of a Xena episode and the magical touch of Pygmalion that will delight those craving a pleasurable read with a lush, exotic setting. SENSUAL (Nov., 335 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin