The chronicle of the King's Blades continues with the story of Wolf, known as King's Killer. When Wolf's brother, Lynx, is gravely injured and former royal mistress Celeste is kidnapped, Wolf is sent to investigate and inquisitor Hogwood is ordered to accompany him.

The highest-ranking spiritualist in the Dark Chamber, Hogwood has her own agenda. The story they discover when they interview Lynx, and the physical evidence they find when they reach Quondam, where the attack took place, are unbelievable. Wolf also discovers that Dolores Hogwood is very much a woman. When Lynx sets out to find Celeste himself, Wolf and Hogwood follow and discover things no Blade has ever seen before.

This is a fantastic journey to a time that never existed but is an exciting place to visit. Magic, swordplay and danger abound, tied together by love—brother for brother and man for woman. (Sep., 448 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley