Its been ten years since W.C. Atwood, aka Jake Walker, escaped the prison van and the hangmans noose. For ten years hes been running from the law and bounty hunters.

Since her mothers death Bess has been the heart and soul of her family, caring for her grieving father and two younger brothers. She doesnt think much of love, until Jake Walker rides in and asks for work.

Bess is the kind of girl who deserves a good man and Jake knows he cant give her the life she needs. He cant have her always looking over her shoulder for fear hell be caught and brought back to hang for a crime he didnt commit. But Jake can still dream about having Bess love.

Bess knows there is some secret Jake is hiding, but she sees the gentle good man who works hard, saves her brothers life and protects the innocent. But will her love be able to stand the test when the bounty hunters arrive and Jakes life is in danger?

Sweet, tender and loving, JAKE WALKERS WIFE is a story of true love and devotion, of a good girl and a boy in trouble and the power of their love to destroy those who would ruin their lives. Character-driven and filled with Jake and Bess emotions, readers will take this one to their hearts for its sweetness even though Jakes tiresome obsession with his past and Bess planning how to get her man slows the pace. SENSUAL (Feb., 380 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin