Image of Before Jamaica Lane (On Dublin Street Series)


Image of Before Jamaica Lane (On Dublin Street Series)

Young’s third book in the On Dublin Street series will entice readers in every way possible. It’s flirty, romantic and passionate, and many women will connect with heroine Olivia, who is very real and down to earth. Book lovers will probably develop a crush on Nate, the typical player, but who possesses an oversized heart beneath his rough exterior. The perfect mix of giddiness along with that dizzying feeling one experiences during the first stages of love are exact and ever so sweet.

A brave move to Edinburgh leaves librarian Olivia with a feeling of hope to turn her life around. Maybe now she can finally push her insecurities aside, become more confident and try to be more comfortable around men. She begins to fall for sexy Nate Sawyer who offers her tips to attract the opposite sex. His lessons soon turn into a sizzling hot romance. Just when Olivia realizes it could be love, she sadly discovers that Nate isn’t the type of guy to commit to just one woman. Could he change? (NAL, Jan., 432 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi