Image of Jamesville Affairs


Image of Jamesville Affairs

Part of Walters’ Jamesville series, this highly graphic novel contains two contemporary romance novellas. The stories offer a look into two very different, exciting lives. These stories are both well written and feature some characters that are very memorable, including the dysfunctional family in “Past Promises,” who are certainly a group of colorful people. Gill from “A Legal Affair” is a man that readers won’t soon forget.

In “A Legal Affair,” Alicia Flint is a lawyer who seems to have it all. She has worked a long time to build up a spotless reputation in her small town, and has done well. But when Gill Baron arrives and they share a night of passion, everything she’s built for herself could crumble down around her ears. Not to mention, when Gill turns out to be helping her on her next case, attraction can soon turn to love. In “Past Promises,” Linda Fletcher is a strong character who runs the Past Promises Antiques shop in Jamesville. She doesn’t need to work, but she wants desperately to get out from under the thumb of her manipulative, wealthy family. She starts up an affair with Levi Mann, her newly hired handyman, and their chemistry is too intense to resist. (SAMHAIN, Feb., 252 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Amy Lignor