Image of Jamie (Visitation, Book 5)


Image of Jamie (Visitation, Book 5)

For almost a decade, Jamie Creed has lived alone on the mountain outside the small town of Visitation. Despite his intention to stay emotionally separated from the townsfolk, over time Jamie has been drawn into their lives. To say that Jamie is unusual would be an understatement—he's an extremely strong psychic with a variety of skills (including telepathy) and is always aware when someone nears his remote cabin. This time though, Jamie is getting unusual vibes off of the lone woman approaching. Does she intend him harm?

Faith Owen will do anything to protect her daughter Cory, a unique little girl with special abilities. In fact, it is Cory who tells Faith that she must approach the reclusive Jamie. And, as Jamie discovers the hard way, there may be individuals who would like to use Cory. Penetrating the protective wall Jamie has around his heart will not be easy, but Faith is compelled to try.

At long last, the enigmatic Jamie finally gets his due! The whole gang from previous Visitation books is back in top form in this new gem. Spicy and sexy (yet tender), this story doesn't disappoint. (Jun., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith