Image of Jane's Gift


Image of Jane's Gift
JANE’S GIFT (3) by Abby Gaines: Divorced mayor Kyle Everson acquires full custody of his daughter, Daisy, when her mother is killed. Jane Slater visits Pinyon Ridge, Colo., to pay respects to her friend and is surprised when she discovers her will states Jane must become part of Daisy’s life. Kyle disagrees; he has always viewed Jane as “the girl from the wrong side of the tracks.” The more she tries to mend his family, the more she denies her attraction to Kyle. Little does she know, he’s doing the same. Readers may wish the connection between the hero and heroine was a bit stronger initially, but once the end approaches, they will surely be convinced of the couple’s happy ever after in this heartwarming tale.
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Susannah Balch, Jaime A. Geraldi and Alexandra Kay