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A heartwarming story about a veteran suffering from PTSD. Jane Donovan speaks for all the dedicated servicemen and women who are truly devoted to being Marines. Readers will feel as if they know these characters personally; they will experience the pain of war, while celebrating the strength and courage that is found to bring lives back from the brink of failure. A truly riveting story with beautiful characters and a plot you won’t soon forget.

Gunnery Sergeant Jane Donovan’s home is the U.S. Marine Corps. Unfortunately, she’s made a mistake, a tragic mistake that cost the life of an orphaned boy she’d been watching out for. Now, she only has one option to save the career that she loves: Put her future in the hands of Dr. Chase Russell.

Dr. Russell has problems of his own. While he was busy chasing a book deal that would allow him to speak about the treatment of veterans suffering from PTSD, he missed a client’s cry for help. In the aftermath of his own mistake, he leaves his lucrative practice in Chicago to start over on a lonely, neglected ranch in Oregon. When Jane arrives at the ranch with a painful hip and a cranky disposition, Dr. Russell wants nothing to do with her, but the fun is just beginning. This ex-counselor soon finds himself helping two runaway kids, and making sure that this stubborn heroine finds her way home. (SUSAN LUTE, March, 251 pp., $2.99)

Reviewed by: 
Amy Lignor