Genetically and physically enhanced warrior Baran Arvid and his wolf partner Freika assume their next mission is to take out the evil General Sutka and throw the Xeran forces into disarray. Neither is thrilled when they are grabbed by the Temporal Enforcement Agency (TE) and drafted for a different mission. Serial killer Kalig Druas has stolen a temporal suit and jumped back 300 years in time. The TE doesn't provide Baran with much information, just the name of Druas' next intended victim: reporter Jane Colby.

After visiting a crime scene, Jane wonders if the police can catch this murderer before he strikes again. Returning to her house, she is confronted by a massive man and a talking wolf. Jane figures she must be hallucinating, but Baran eventually convinces her of the truth. Jane's only hope for survival is to stick with Baran and Freika and try to outwit a fiendishly clever killer.

What an awesome, scintillating and sexy book! Jane's Warlord is intriguing, extremely sensuous and just plain adventurous. A star is born. (Jun., 320 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith