After Witt Matlocks daughter, Karen, dies in an accident, Witt blames Hardy Wingate with every bit of his being. His hate is so strong that it is infiltrating what is left of his family.

As a child, Joni Matlock lived with her mother in a small town. Karen was Jonis best friend, and she had adopted her Uncle Witts hatred of Hardy Wingate as her own. Now, as an adult, she has come to her own conclusions about Hardy. She wants him back in her life.

As Witt sees the man he hates becoming a part of Jonis life, a battle begins. Hannah, Jonis mother, doesnt want to revisit the pain of Karens death and believes her secret about Jonis parentage might have to be revealed to begin the healing process.

Ms. Lee tells a deeply emotional tale. As she shows a family in deep need of healing and the pain that must come before the forgiveness, she will touch readers in a very real way. (Apr., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson