Jarad's Return is a dark fantasy that takes place in a world where death and suffering are all too common. Jarad, a member of the Syrithian council, is left near death after witnessing the murder of his wife and daughter. Xenia and her tribe find him and she nurses him back to life.

More tragedy occurs, this time to Xenia's people, leaving Jarad in an awkward position. He must face the very people he hates in order to save Xenia's daughter. In the meantime, Jarad and Xenia find comfort in one another.

The grief, agony and pain Xenia and Jarad go through is poignant and palpable. The end of this powerful story seems a long time in coming, but it pays off in spades. (dk $5.99, dl $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor