The McLeod series continues to tease readers with the promise of Caleb and McBride finally getting together. Their story eclipses those of all the other brothers, making each book feel like an extended prologue. This is a quick read but not a standalone book. Readers will enjoy getting to know Caleb better, but may be frustrated that they have to wait for his story.

McBride is struggling to hold his world together. The future of his planet is unclear, so he decides to find all of his men mates while he still can. One of his men, Ollie, rejects McBride’s choice of thrall, so McBride gives the man, Easton, to Jared Morgan. Jared is excited and nervous to meet his new mate. But thrall Easton is hiding a secret that could tear the men apart. When another brother steps forward and offers to claim Easton, Jared must finalize the mating or be alone forever. (SIREN PUBLISHING, Jan., dl., $5.50)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Eve Polak