Image of Jenny's Choice (Apple Creek Dreams Series)


Image of Jenny's Choice (Apple Creek Dreams Series)

This Apple Creek Dreams series closer is bittersweet. The characters are believable in their quest for happiness; they have obstacles they need to deal with, even if it goes against everything they have believed in all their lives. Through each one of his books, Craig has proven he can write a good romance.

Jenny is content in Paradise, Penn., as a wife to Jonathan and a mother. When she loses Jonathan in a terrible accident, she has no choice but to return to Apple Creek, Ohio, to live with her parents. There she discovers she has a natural talent for writing stories about being Amish and is finding herself attracted to the publisher of her books. When the elders of her church confront her, she needs to decide what is more important: her writing or her beliefs. (HARVEST HOUSE, Feb., 336 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans