Image of The Jericho Pact (Office 119)


Image of The Jericho Pact (Office 119)

Lee provides another harrowing ride, navigating between several equally fascinating and intense plot threads with uncommon skill. Plan to stay up late -- and then ponder where this excellent series can possibly go next.

The assassination of Germany's chancellor by mysterious means has a domino effect in Europe. Islamic extremists are blamed, and the leader of the E.U., Jules Soult, orders member countries to place all Muslims in "protective zones." It falls to agents Renate Bachle and Lawton Caine of the covert multinational Office 119 to solve the crime -- by uncovering the method and motive behind it.

Meanwhile, Father Steve Lorenzo and his bodyguard, Miguel Ortiz, are striving to recover the crimson codex, an ancient ruby pyramid possessing fearsome power, unaware that it's already fallen into the wrong hands. As tensions rise and boil over, the flames fanned by Soult and his minions, the two groups race against time -- with only the faintest hope of stopping Armageddon. (MIRA, May, 576 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer