America in 1792 is a young, vital, growing country just beginning to reach out for glory. It's also beleaguered by political turmoil when Brianna Devereaux returns to Charleston, Virginia, from school in France on the eve of her father's death.

Her father's deathbed wish makes her little more then a slave to the insufferable Jesse Randall. If she refuses to become his ward she has to relinquish her legacy to her snide half-brother.

Jesse resists the temptation to tame the mischievous vixen, until she jeopardizes the outcome of his delicate mission to Thomas Jefferson's stately home, Monticello.

In her innocence Brianna questions Jefferson's views on slavery and Jesse decides that the only way to curtail the feisty miss, and save her reputation, is by offering to marry her-in name only.

Brianna cannot take her love for Jesse out of her heart. As the newlyweds try to surmount problems posed by the villain's schemes and a covetous woman's plots, they discover the power of love.

Veronica Sattler's skillful blending of abundant historical detail, spicy passion and memorable characters (especially a delightful clairvoyant, a blind blacksmith, a kindhearted priest and an adorable rambunctious skunk) combine to make JESSE'S LADY a winning romance. Readers will be fascinated by the depiction of such historical personages as Thomas Jefferson, Aaron Burr and Sally Hemmings and captivated by Ms. Sattler's lovely writing style. SENSUAL (Reissue, Sept., 528 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin